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       Vans Shoes

At the core of Vans shoes are the athletes that help develop footwear that not only defines their individual style but technologically pushes the parameters of their sports. The Original Vans Skate Shoes has become synonymous with the skate and extreme sports lifestyle. From classic old-school styles to the very latest in signature athletic styles, Vans is always authentic, always true to the spirit of extreme, and always leading in design and style. Famous for sponsorship of events such as the Vans Warped Tour and X Games, Vans brings the experience far beyond just footwear.

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To accurately describe the inspiration behind the shoe line, we need to look at some landmarks from 2003:
- Last year Vans recaptured the essence of their shoes, infusing rich heritage with the modern materials and construction.
- Emphasis was put on proprietary Vans details such as the sidestripe, original logos and “made in the USA” specifications.
- Strong signature shoes such as the “XL2” and “TNT” (signature models of Geoff Rowley and Tony Trujillo” were key developments.

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Here is what some people thinks about Vans Shoes:

Vans Maestro
"These vans sneakers have such a neat appearance - I like the van's maestro because they have white shoelaces. I'm not particulary fond of the vans with the navy/black laces. The dark laced shoes tend to look messy, but the white laces are neat and attractive looking. My children wear vans everyday, and have said they are a very comfortable shoe. I also like the white sole-because it separates the shoe from the sole. Again the dark soles tend to look messy and heavy looking. I would like to see a dark material inside because the white does get messy looking. Overall this is a great looking light shoe"

"My Mistake - Overall I would have to say that the Vans Maestros are a good pair of shoes. I just made the mistake of ordering it a size too small. I like the look and how they would feel if I had gotten them the right size. So my advice to everyone: don't hesitate to send them back and get the right size if they don't fit perfectly."

Vans Classic Slip-On
"The slip-on shoe is ideal for wearing around the house, in the yard or even a quick trip to the grocery store. They are not gorgeous to look at but they make up for their looks in the comfort they give your feet."

"What a relief . . . I purchased these white slip-ons and found them to be accurately sized and very comfortable. I really like the casual look and canvas is (in my opinion) the way to go when you’re doing yard work, going for a stroll or drinking a beer. They slip on, they slip off. Socks or no socks they look and feel cool! Although they offer some pretty wild designs and patterns, my only wish is that they would expand their solid colors a little. Maybe a sea green, tan or light blue."

"Great Nostalgia...Great Shoe - I have enjoyed my checkerboard Vans a great deal since I got them. The overnight delivery was a wonderful surprise, and enabled me to wear the shoes that night at a performance. The shoes stood up to a 4 hour gig with no discomfort at all. They're very comfortable and very cool and I have received many compliments on the look."

Vans Authentic
"Van's Authentic - I hope Vans doesn't stop making these type of shoes because now they seem hard to find at retail stores. They're a real classic. They've been around since 1966. They're so comfortable, unlike the similar Keds. Great rubber outsole design which prevent you from falling down. You could either dress up or down with it and it's always in style."

"Vans Skateboarding Shoes .... before you were born! I'm a 32 yr. old mom and I've been wearing Vans since around 1983. Vans are all I've ever worn or owned since then. I remember when you could get them customized and airbrushed but thats way old skool. Anyway, I'd like to see more of the Vans old skool....the deck shoes, slip ons and such. Over the years, the styles have changed so much that my beloved Vans sneakers are starting to look like ever other tennis shoe out there. So please keep on making the ol decks and slip ons for us old timers huh? Thanks..."

Typical Vans Skate Shoes Styles:

Vans tnt, Vans Old Skool, Vans Authentic, Vans Classic Slip-On etc.